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Welcome Partners!

ValueAppeal’s powerful online property tax appeal platform has helped thousands of homeowners save money on their property taxes. Now you can offer this service to your customers as well!
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Partner Opportunities

As a ValueAppeal affiliate, you will gain access to promotional tools to refer your clients to ValueAppeal. It’s a classic win-win; they get a promotional discount to ValueAppeal on your behalf, plus the opportunity to save thousands on their property taxes. Build your value as a trusted advisor to your client network. If you choose, you can also provide consulting and/or representational services for your clients throughout the appeal process.

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Getting Started

Email Template

Sign up for a ValueAppeal Partner account

Signing-up is simple. Tell us a little bit about your company and how to contact you. Once approved, you will receive an email on how to get started helping your customers save on property taxes.


Create a unique coupon code

Downloadable coupons for you to print and distribute, entitling recipients to 20% off our online click-and-print appeal service (reg. $99.00 - $199.00). Unlimited coupon distribution rights for each appeal season.


Distribute your coupon code to your clients

Reach even more customers by using our eblast template. Simply upload your contacts via Outlook, and we will send them an invitation to save 20% on their appeal package on your behalf.

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ValueAppeal offers both off the shelf and custom APIs that fit the unique needs of our diverse partner universe. Our APIs have been deployed by companies in variety of industries including: online real estate websites, income tax preparation companies, personal finance websites, wealth advisors, mortgage originators, retail banking, home insurance underwriters, and more. We offer free, paid, and revenue share APIs.


Property Tax Savings API

Our flagship API was developed for partners with extremely high volume websites, and extremely fast page load speed requirements. Within milliseconds, find out if a homeowner is overpaying their property taxes, if they can appeal today and how much they will save.

Imagine being able to tell your customers or site visitors that they could save several hundred or thousands of dollars this year…

Our partners have deployed the Property Tax Savings API on some of the highest traffic websites on the web with outstanding results. Take a test drive today!

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Property tax appeal practitioners! If you’re still “targeting” overassessed homeowners at the neighborhood or zip code level, you’re spending money sending direct mail to a lot of homeowners who aren’t actually overassessed and have no chance of winning an appeal. Why target at the neighborhood level when you could target at the address level?

Since January 2009 we’ve been hard at work developing a proprietary algorithm which analyzes each property, one at a time, to determine which homes are overassessed and which ones are not. Our direct mail lists only include residential properties that ValueAppeal has predetermined to be overassessed in the current or upcoming Appeal Window.

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Features and Pricing


Available Filters:

  • Property Type
  • Homeowner Name
  • Revised Property Tax Bill
  • Parcel ID
  • Assessment Amount
  • Estimated Property Tax Savings
  • County Name
  • Revised Assessment Amount
  • Appeal Deadline
  • Property Address
  • Assessment Reduction Amount
  • Property Type
  • Mailing Address
  • Original Property Tax Bill
Additional fields may be available upon requests.
We do not sell or rent email addresses, phone numbers, or any other information gathered from customer accounts

Sample Filters:

  • Only include homes assessed for greater than $400,000
  • Only include homes with at least $2,500 of estimated savings
  • Only include homes where the expected assessment reduction is at least 20%


Pricing based on estimated property tax savings. Please call us to learn more 855-237 6110

DEFINITIONS: Non Exclusive: ValueAppeal may sell the same target list to other tax appeal consultants and for ValueAppeal's own marketing. Preferred: ValueAppeal may NOT sell the same target list to other tax appeal consultants but may still use for ValueAppeal's own marketing. Exclusive: ValueAppeal may NOT sell the same target list to other tax appeal consultants and will NOT use for ValueAppeal's own marketing. Refund Policy: There are no refunds. All sales are final. ValueAppeal does not sell any information obtained from customers on our website.

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One out of every four homeowners is paying too much in property taxes. ValueAppeal’s powerful online property tax appeal platform has helped homeowners throughout the country save an average of $839 each year on their property taxes. Now you can offer this service to your clients as well!

Best of all, it’s guaranteed. If you don’t reduce your client’s property tax bill, it costs you nothing!

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With this service, you can

  • Save clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by lowering their property tax bills.
  • Increase your value to existing clients by providing new, money-saving services to them.
  • Increase client retention and maintain contact with your clients outside of tax season.
  • Create a new source of revenue for your firm with a minimal investment of time or capital.

Getting Started

You give us your client’s property address(s). We’ll do the rest.

We’ll utilize our database of more than 90 million residential property records and proprietary assessment analysis algorithms to determine when and if your client is a candidate to appeal their property tax assessment. If it’s not appeal filing season yet, or the property isn’t overassessed, we’ll automatically alert you when the next Appeal Window opens.

Armed with our powerful platform, you can:
  • Give your client the peace of mind that their not overpaying their property taxes.
  • Alert your client to immediate potential savings if their property is overassessed.
  • Make sure they don’t miss their window opportunity to file an appeal each year (aka the “Appeal Window”)
  • Offer to prepare and file the property tax appeal for them.

Once you get the go-ahead to file an appeal on behalf of your customer, we’ll deliver to you all the documents you need to submit, including the Appeal Form, Appeal Evidence Report, and client authorization form.

  • The cost to you is just $99.00 - $199.00. (You pay nothing if we determine your client can’t cut his or her tax bill or if your client decides not to appeal.)
  • What you charge your client is up to you…but most professionals charge half of the property tax savings, which can be several thousand dollars.
Let us make our expertise your expertise and offer this valuable service to your existing clients!
Looking for new clients? Who isn’t. We can provide direct mail lists of homeowners in your area who we’ve determined can save money on their property taxes.* The rest is up to you!

* Additional list usage fee applies.
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